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  in Asmara Eritrea  sales   price   shop   near me   near me shop   factory   supplier Energy Saving  Two Stage  Double Rotors  Rotary Screw Air Compressor manufacturer   best   Cost   Custom   Cheap   wholesaler

The solution nicely shows environmental safety and vitality saving. a specialised provider of a complete selection of chains, sprockets, gears, gear racks, V-belts, couplings and reducers. In the meantime, our merchandise are manufactured in accordance to large top quality specifications, and complying with the worldwide superior common conditions.

Vitality preserving two phase double rotors rotary screw air compressor

Two phase compression features and benefits:
1.The intaked air flow after compressed by the 1st stage compression, join with huge sum oil mist in the cooling channel then great fast, and then goes into the next phase compression system to be compressed and discharged unEPTTthe requirement force, considerably a lot more strength preserving than 1 phase compression sort.
two. Adopt German double rotor screw air conclude, big rotor and lower rotary speed developing, the first and the 2nd stage compression rotors are designed in one compression chamber, via diverse driving EPT and EPTn EPT ratio to get the ideal seal pace of the very first stage and the 2nd phase rotors EPT top line, significantly bettering the air conclude compression efficiency.
3. Adopt internal spray oil cooling variety, allow air isothermal compression, preserving energy by eight%.
3. Every phase compression ratio is as low as three:1, tiny inner leakage, enhancing effectiveness by15%.
Smaller sized compression ratio can enhance operating stability and reliability, large efficiency working, EPTT making use of daily life, very minimal fault charge.
four. The EPTT device EPTT can achieve EPTT countrywide degree-one energy performance stXiHu (West EPT) Dis.Hu (West EPT) Dis.rd.
five. Have fixed speed type (TKL) and long term magnetic frequency conversion motor one-piece shaft kind (TKLYC).

I. TKL sequence of two stage compression twin screw air compressor

Adopt EPTd twin rotor screw air conclude EPTTed from German and EPTT, charge of five:6, substantial precision of EPT and seal, use SKF bearing and high quality oil seals to make certain the principal engine EPTT life and reduced sound procedure. The air conclude and the diesel / electrical motor is directly linked by means of the large elastic coupling, no EPT, much less vitality consumption, a lot more air output, higher reliability, EPTT services existence and lower servicing EPT.

II. TKLYC sequence of Long term magnetic frequency conversion two stage compression twin screw air compressor

Adopt power conserving permanent magnetic frequency conversion screw air stop:
one. Adopt A single-piece shaft link structure for the permanent magnetic motor and the air stop
#9733Permanent magnetic EPT’s rotor is immediately sleeved on shaft of the air end, embedded built-in immediate-connecting framework, without coupling component or EPTT EPT portion, specifically one particular-piece shaft, ensuring of 100% EPTT efficiency.
#9733EPTTper connection is adopted for motor, and it can be assembled and disassembled quite basically.
two. Undertake permanent magnetic frequency conversion electrical motor
#9733Permanent magnetic frequency conversion motor is the most EPTd specialized electric powered motor, effectiveness can be up to ninety seven%, higher by three%-five% than normal motor with frequency conversion system kind, preserving power a whole lot obviously.
#9733Permanent magnetic electric powered motor adopts high temperature resistance uncommon earth everlasting magnet to ensure no demagnetization. Without having motor bearing or sleeve, so no want lubricating grease, no need issue alignment problem, compact structure, preserving room, handy use and upkeep.
three. Broad frequency conversion, continual pressure air feeding
#9733Frequency software scope (0HZ-200HZ) is vast, and motor performance unEPTTdifferent load is basically continual.
#9733The motor is large torque, robust adaptability and loaded startup.
#9733The EPTT EPTT perform unEPTTfrequency conversion condition, and can operate frequency modulation according to the client’s real requirement of air consumption at constant strain, recognizing higher effectiveness and strength preserving.
4. Managing secure and reputable
#9733EPTT starting up unEPTTfrequency conversion condition, tremendously lowering the impacting to the EPTT grid equipment, keeping away from of damage to the electric gear and saving electric power when beginning.
#9733No want to set working strain up and bottom restrict worth, can function by regulating the frequency at the placing force position to stabilize the force, so can help save electric powered power by 10%-fifteen%.
five. Energy conserving a good deal clearly
In contrast with the mounted speed type compressor, our long lasting magnetic frequency conversion compressor can help save energy by 30% when compared with the normal motor with frequency gadget sort compressor, our compressor can conserve power by 5%-10%.

EPTnical parameter of two phase air compressor (TKLYC type):

Type Exhause force (Mpa) Air displacemen (m3/min) EPTT (Kw) Noise (dBa) Proportions (mm) Outlet pipe dimension WeigEPTT (Kg)
TKLYC-15F-II .8/1./one.three 2.7/two.3/2.2 15 66 1600*900*1300 G1 one/two 800
TKLYC-18F-II .eight/one./1.3 3.5/3./2.5 18.5 66 1600*900*1300 G1 1/2 840
TKLYC-22F-II .eight/1./one.3 4./three.5/three. 22 sixty six 1600*900*1300 G1 1/2 860
TKLYC-30F-II .eight/one./1.three 6.4/five./4.two thirty 68 1800*1500*1510 G1 one/two 1100
TKLYC-37F-II .eight/one./1.3 seven./six./five.5 37 sixty eight 1800*1500*1510 G1 1/two 1100
TKLYC-45F-II .eight/1./one.3 9.five/8.eight/ forty five sixty eight 1800*1500*1510 DN50 2200
TKLYC-55F-II .eight/one./one.3 eleven.5/10.nine/ten.five 55 sixty eight 2300*1400*1800 DN50 2600
TKLYC-75F-II .eight/1./1.three 75 68 2300*1400*1800 DN65 2850
TKLYC-90F-II .eight/one./1.three 19.eight/sixteen.five/13.five ninety sixty eight 2470*1700*2571 DN65 2950
TKLYC-110F-II .eight/1./one.three 24./19.8/17.2 one hundred ten sixty eight 3100*1740*2150 DN80 3000
TKLYC-132F-II .8/1./1.three 28.three/23.2/19.2 132 70 3100*1740*2150 DN80 3100
TKLYC-160F-II .8/one./one.three 33.three/28.4/23.six 160 seventy two 3460*2040*2200 DN80 5400
TKLYC-185F-II .eight/one./1.three 38.five/33.3/28.4 185 seventy two 3460*2040*2200 DN80 5600
TKLYC-200F-II .8/1./1.three forty one.3/38.five/33.five 200 75 3460*2040*2200 DN80 5800
TKLYC-220F-II .8/one./1.three forty five.5/forty.eight/37.six 220 seventy five 3720*2220*2200 DN100 6100
TKLYC-250F-II .8/one./1.three 54.7/forty four.9/40.three 250 seventy five 3720*2220*2200 DN100 6200

EPTnical parameter of two phase air compressor (TKL kind):

Model Exhause strain (Mpa) Air displacement (m3/min) EPTT (Kw) Sounds (dBa) Proportions (mm) Outlet pipe dimension WeigEPTT (Kg)
TKL-45F-II .8 nine.five forty five sixty eight 1800*1500*1510 DN50 2400
1. eight.8
1.3 eight.1
TKL-55F-II .eight eleven.five 55 68 1800*1500*1510 DN50 2430
one. 10.nine
1.3 ten.5
TKL-75F-II .8 sixteen.1 75 68 2470*1700*2571 DN65 2700
one. 14.5
1.3 12.five
TKL-90F-II .8 19.8 ninety 68 2470*1700*2571 DN65 2800
1. 16.five
one.3 13.5
TKL-110F-II .eight 24. a hundred and ten sixty eight 2660*1700*2571 DN65 2850
one. 19.8
1.3 17.2
TKL-132F-II .8 28.3 132 70 2660*1700*2571 DN65 4150
1. 23.two
one.three 19.two
TKL-160F-II .8 33.3 a hundred and sixty seventy two 3460*2040*2200 DN80 5100
1. 28.four
1.3 23.six
TKL-185F-II .8 38.five 185 seventy two 3460*2040*2200 DN80 5200
1. 33.3
one.3 28.4
TKL-200F-II .8 41.three two hundred seventy five 3460*2040*2200 DN80 5250
one. 38.5
1.3 33.5
TKL-220F-II .8 45.5 220 75 3720*2220*2200 DN100 6100
1. forty.eight
1.3 37.six
TKL-250F-II .8 fifty 250 75 3720*2220*2200 DN100 6200
one. 44.9
one.3 forty.three

Our manufacturing facility and workshop

Soon after product sales service:
one. Offering expert air compression program creating for free of charge.
2. Offering our manufacturing unit first EPTT elements at least expensive value following EPTT product sales.
3. Delivering coaching and direction for cost-free, clients can ship their staff to our manufacturing unit to discover how to work the EPTTs.
4. Warranty period: the screw major EPTT is 1 year, the bearing is 1 12 months, the put on parts of air ingestion valve, electric powered factors, electromagnetic valve, charge valve are 6 months
5. The air filter, oil filter, oil-h2o separator, lubricating oil, rubber elements and and many others. are not incEPTTd in warranty assortment.

Certification and patents of our air compressor

Q1: Are you manufacturing facility or trade organization?
A1: We are factory.
Q2: Guarantee terms of your EPTT?
A2: One particular yr warranty for the EPTT and specialized assistance in accordance to your requirements.
Q3: Will you offer some spare parts of the EPTTs?
A3: Yes, of system.
This fall: How EPTT will you consider to prepare manufacturing?
A4: 380V 50HZ we can shipping the merchandise inside of 20 days. Other electricity or other colour we will shipping inside of 30 times.
Q5: Can you take OEM orders?
A5: Of course, with specialist layout staff, OEM orders are extremely welcome!

  in Asmara Eritrea  sales   price   shop   near me   near me shop   factory   supplier Energy Saving  Two Stage  Double Rotors  Rotary Screw Air Compressor manufacturer   best   Cost   Custom   Cheap   wholesaler

  in Asmara Eritrea  sales   price   shop   near me   near me shop   factory   supplier Energy Saving  Two Stage  Double Rotors  Rotary Screw Air Compressor manufacturer   best   Cost   Custom   Cheap   wholesaler